At Prestige 5th Avenue Dental in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Midtown Manhattan, New York City, you have access to the best dental technology on the market. This includes the Fotona® dental laser, one of many tools that Yelena Simkha, DDS, uses to enhance the oral health of those in her care. If you'd like to learn more, call the office or reach out online to schedule a consultation.

Prestige 5th Avenue Dental utilizes Fotona laser technology to effectively address a wide range of periodontal issues, including inflammation and infections in the gums associated with both natural teeth and dental implants.


How do Fotona lasers work?


Laser technology works by converting light into energy. When directed at tooth tissue, lasers vaporize a portion of the targeted tissue. This makes laser energy a powerful alternative to traditional tools like dental drills.


Fotona is an industry-leading manufacturer of medical and dental laser systems. Their platforms embrace the highest safety standards and represent some of the most advanced technology on the market.


Dental treatment lasers are powerful but also incredibly precise. Fotona lasers alter targeted tissue without creating excessive heat in the surrounding tissues. Dentists can remove a minimal amount of hard tissue, preserving as much healthy tooth tissue as possible.


What kinds of treatments make use of the Fotona laser?


Fotona laser systems are versatile, allowing practitioners to perform several different treatments. Once your dentist determines the source of your dental health symptoms, the next step is explaining all available treatment options.


Some of the dental issues that Fotona lasers can treat include:

  • Removing decayed tooth tissue
  • Preparing a tooth for a filling
  • Removing composite material
  • Treating enamel erosion
  • Malformed tooth enamel
  • Teeth whitening

If your condition responds well to Fotona laser treatment, your dentist will explain what to expect regarding the timing, expense, and treatment steps. You’re encouraged to ask questions and express concerns as they arise.


What are the benefits of Fotona laser treatments?


Fotona dental lasers offer a wide range of benefits, which is why they are so popular. Some of the reasons people choose Fotona laser treatments include:

  • Minimal bleeding
  • Minimal swelling
  • Less pain in some instances
  • Reduced anxiety in those who fear the dental drill
  • Ability to preserve more healthy tooth tissue
  • No uncomfortable noise or vibration during treatments

Only some patients are good candidates for dental laser treatments. Part of outstanding dental care is patient education, which is why the Prestige 5th Avenue Dental team explains all available treatment options in detail, giving you everything needed to make an informed decision about your care.


When you're ready to learn more, call the office to schedule a visit. Online booking is another option, allowing you to connect with the practice at any time of day.